If you can’t tell, this was actually quite rushed–an extension on a previous project for this class (oh, I totally turned this in for a grade, by the way) and various other surprises gave me only a few days to do 12 pages, a 5-color screenprinted color, printing, binding, and setting up a con table. I marathoned the cover and the pages over two consecutive all-nighters, nearly passed out due to not eating for a 36 hour period, and produced my favorite ever class comic. You better fucking BELIEVE I got an A on this sexy bastard.

Not gonna lie, from conception to completion the only reason I wanted to do this comic was to draw gross-lookin’ flustered vampires and a sexy buff anime secretary. I strung the plot together as best I can but by god, I knew what I wanted and something as feeble as ‘logic’ or ‘good taste’ stood no chance against my burning desire to produce fanservice.

Cover looks like this, by the way:

Hard to tell from the overexposed photo, but the paper is inkwashed and there is hand-applied glitter allllll over this bad boy. There’s a back cover too, but I’ll have to wait to photograph everything properly. I also made, like, 50 copies of this, so even after selling a bunch I hope to offer them online at some point…?