Aries: Your Teeth
Taurus: What Your Organs are Worth on the Black Market
Gemini: The pulsating tendrils protruding from your back.
Cancer: The blood you have spilled in my name.
Leo: The fact that you’re still here despite being dead for four years.
Virgo: Your eyestalks and gills.
Libra: The fear you’ve instilled in man over the past century.
Scorpio: Your head that is nothing but a void cradling the endless screams of the damned.
Sagittarius: You must never know. The dark secrets of the Sagittarius must never be witnessed by human eyes.
Capricorn: Your very convincing human suit.
Aquarius: Your long, slimy three foot tongue you use to catch insects.
Pieces: Your clubbed tail, the black shiny scales reflect light beautifully.