stop fucking leaving your partners just because they realize they are asexual and or aromantic in the middle of the relationship you fucking assholes

Except non aro/ace people usually require romantic affection and sexual satisfaction to sustain in a relationship, even if they love a person. Don’t condemn them for desiring physical advances and romance with their significant other. They deserve that kind of relationship just as much as an aro/ace deserves one without it. 

the word you’re looking for is “selfish”

Leaving a relationship you no longer feel comfortable in is not selfish. Telling people to stay in a relationship they no longer feel comfortable in because it would hurt your feelings if they left is selfish.

Hey, yeah I am one of those people who left a relationship when we both realized we were not going in the same direction.

He is asexual, and I was very much not.

Dont get me wrong. I still adore the dude, and he is my best friend to this day. But we were NOT going to work out in the long run.

I want a family at some point. I like sex. Being in a relationship like that made me feel very unwanted and unattractive. It got to me. It started to destory the relationship more and more. My self-esteem dropped to nothing while dating him. He tried his best, but he wasnt comfortable doing things that would help me feel better. I wasnt getting the attention I needed.

I was with him for 5 ½ years. He is my best friend. But this was not going to work.

Do not EVER make someone feel bad when they realize that the future they want, the affection they need is selfish. NEVER tell me that.

He deserves the relationship he wants as much as I do.

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