Misandry does exist. It’s called toxic masculinity and is largely practiced by men towards other men.

Some women also practice it, but usually as a result of patriarchal influence in their lives and the forces that inform them.

Misandry is a man being raped and told “it’s not rape, you’re male” by their peers. Misandry is a transman being devalued for their gender and/or sexuality. Misandry is “gay” being synonymous with “stupid” or “lame” in so much of our ongoing dialogue. Misandry is the value of a man as a partner or person being linked to the size of his genitals, his rejection of femininity, and his ability to demean women.

Misandry is “meninism”, “anti-feminism”, and Conservative, anti-LGBTQ groups devaluing the men who choose to be feminists and allies.

It’s a real issue, and much like misogyny is the result of our hitherto male-dominated culture.

We need to accept that and deal with it in constructive, liberating ways.

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