I don’t have a strong bond with one of my sisters, and there is a reason for it. Before I came along, she was the pretty one. Apparently, my deafness added lot of doses of cuteness when I was a kid. She always find a way to dismiss or draw attention from me to her, which wasn’t a problem because I didn’t care. 

I used to hate it when she comes over and use our kitchen when she has a perfect good kitchen at home. My mother and I end up being the one doing the dishes or “watch” the food while she “has to run errands”. 

One day, she was baking a cake, and I was studying for my midterms. She walked in the room and said, “cake is in the oven, when you hear the beep, take it out.” I was actually speechless for a few minutes. I was about to point out her error when she interrupted me.

Sister: You don’t even have to do anything else, just listen for the beep then take it out.

Me: Si-

Sister: It is not too hard! Beep… Cake out…. got it?

Me: ok. 

Needless to say, the beep came and went. Cake still in the oven. When she got home, the cake was burnt to the point where it is inedible. She was SOO FURIOUS with me that she had to pull our mother in the conversation. She proceed to tell her what I have done. My response?

Me: She told me to listen for the beep. Well, I didn’t hear the beep. 


My mom was struggling not to laugh which pissed off my sister even more. She stormed off and guess who got stuck cleaning up the mess.

But it was worth it. She never came back to use the kitchen again.