Naptime meant that Varaelian was given a short time to rest himself. Or at least, he would hope that Tylla and Kira could sleep long enough to let him rest. He laid back on the couch, feet hanging off the other end with his hands folded neatly in his lap.


Tylla snuck from her bed and slipped into the grand parlor, seeing her now sleeping father in the distance, but hearing his snoring from down the hall. With a quiet giggle, she crept into the room and closer, covering her ears when he made an especially loud snore, alike a rumble of thunder.

Tevruden passed by the door and looked in, furrowing his brows as Tylla jumped up and began to poke her father then ducking away as he twitched and swatted at a hand that bothered him, “Tylla. What are you doing?”


“He’s asleep.”

“That’s what makes this fun!”