You should probably stop looking at art online entirely, then, because every single work of art on the internet is a JPEG no matter how it was made.

The Mona Lisa is a JPEG to millions of people who will never go to France.

You can hang it on a wall. That’s what printing is for.

Digital art is just another tool for artists to use. It still takes skill to use well, it still takes a LOT of practice and training. You still need to understand anatomy and color theory and composition and perspective, etc. etc. You end up with a beautiful work of art. Half the artists (actualy more than half at this point) who work for wizards of the coast on their magic the gathering cards… are digital artists. But you’re holding their art in your hands when you play.

Is it because there isn’t an ‘original’ to buy? What do you think people do when they can’t afford/the original isn’t available? They buy prints. Which are.. digital images of the artwork that’s been printed up for them to hang on their wall.

One tool is not better than another tool, at the end of the day, it’s all in the skill of the artist that makes the art valued and important.