Please email me an inquiry with “CHIBI” in the subject title. The prices listed are PER chibi, I will not be drawing 3 for 20. xP

Please include the following:

  • Picture Reference, I will not accept commissions without them.
  • Brief description of your character’s personality in 5 words
  • What kind of expression you want to see/or what they can be doing if you have an idea

If I accept your commission, I will provide my paypal email.


What’s the difference between Standard and Premium?
Standard will not have complicated shading and are generally flat colors, and slightly simplified armor. Premium will include details, shading and effects to really make the little guy pop, generally takes twice as long to do as a “Standard” Chibi.

What will you draw?
Anything. Though I may find a little difficulty in chibifying something like a centaur, I’ll give it a thorough go! lol I like a challenge.

>> Here is my FAQ and TOS <<


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For a limited time (AKA, only one person can get this…!) Buy me that Odin mount in FFXIV and get yourself a premium chibi. 😉 However I can also be bribed with a mystic runesaber…