I’ve been dealing with another case of art theft today, and to be honest I’ve been cracking UP over it. Terrible crop jobs in an attempt to remove my watermark that.. didn’t work very well.

So I thought I’d post some of my favorite watermark removal attempts, to have a laugh.

1. Today’s crop job, where you can see half my watermark.
2. This one the person did clouds in paint over my watermark, then posted it as a *collaboration* with me.
3. welp, maybe no one will notice the huge grey block hiding my copyright.
4. Hearts always work too. We’ll just ignore my other copyright info on the bottom of the picture.
5. Another half my copyright cropjob that made me laugh.

As you can see, these are all older pictures, usually people are REALLY good at removing myw atermark so not many of my new pieces have stupid crop jobs. But I’ll post it under ‘you tried’ tag from now on just for laughs.