Lawful Good: You help the fireman put out the fire assisting in the recovery and rebuilding efforts. You then get elected to the town council on a platform of orphanage reform and improving fire prevention strategies.

Neutral Good: You help keep the crowd and surrounding buildings safe but let the trained professionals do all the work in the burning building. You vote for the guy trying to reform the orphanage fire prevention system

Chaotic Good: You kick in the door to the building while the fire department is on its way pulling everyone out of the building and receiving a medal in recognition of your heroics before moving to the next town

Lawful Neutral: You follow the instructions of the professionals as they tell you what to do but take no initiative beyond trying to keep everyone calm

True Neutral: -_-

Chaotic Neutral: You run into the nearby general store and come out with marshmallows shouting “WHOO TIME FOR S’MORES!!!”

Lawful Evil: You are already elected to the town council and took bribes to cut corners on the orphanage construction and cut the fire departments funding

Neutral Evil: Parked your car in-front of the fire hydrant.

Chaotic Evil: an orphan asked for some food so you gave it to him, and a fire to cook it with.