“World of Warcraft is 10 years old, of course it’s going to lose subs–”

I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but:


i’m guessing this is re: my tags

and i don’t really see the point? it’s been a steady decline, shot up at the beginning of this expansion because it hyped the right amount of fan pandering, and then people realized it wasn’t so great and fell back down to the point that same decline would have had it right now.

the game is old. even with more content than wrath (its highest point), it has its lowest numbers. the players from 7 years ago are older and have jobs and families and the younger people are playing newer generation games because that’s what young people do. a game this old has little to offer them when they’re used to shinier things. games putter out after a while.

i won’t say it’s not worth discussing how it could be improved and why so many people have lost interest but the whole loud “this game is shit, XYZ game is better, i don’t know how people can still play” mentality is super duper exhausting because it gets so damn repetitive and, while constructive, is just kind of like Old Man Yells [constructively] At Cloud

It’s a complaint that has been going around for years, and is brought up every time that Blizzard posts sub losses. There are actual numbers now that say otherwise. The game was 10 years old when they brought the subs back to Cata levels, the age of the game doesn’t really seem to be a factor. But like I said in the tags they didn’t put their money where their mouth was, content is kind of necessary to keep people around.

 As for Wrath having less content than WoD: for group content, that is objectively false. Wrath hand 54 raid bosses, 9 raids, 16 dungeons, two battlegrounds and and two arenas. Warlords has had 30 raid bosses, 3 raids, 8 dungeons, and Ashran. Onyxia is a rehash, and I suppose if you’re part of the 1% that managed to clear Naxx in vanilla, then we could exclude them, but that still means that Wrath had a total of 38 new raid bosses. Warlords only comes close if you do remove all of those bosses and then subsequently include the 4 world bosses bringing the total raid bosses up to 33.