This is my Elfsona, Solas. He’s a Dreamer Mage that also mastered rift magic faster than anyone else. He’s taller and more muscular than most elves and doesn’t get along with the Dalish because he’s smarter than they are and knows more about ancient elves and they’re jealous of his knowledge and power. He’s really good friends with all the spirits he meets in the Fade and prefers talking to them than other people, he’s not like the other elves. Also he’s bald, but not really, he could grow really long hair if he wants to but he shaves it off because it looks cool and even though other elves hate him all the girl elves find him really attractive and sexy because of how cool he is, but his complicated past and lone wolf type personality means he doesn’t want to settle into a relationship.

Fen’Harel (via bunabi)