so do ppl really have a problem with labelling themselves as demi or gray ace because

those are sexualities you can be if you still desire sex like…… and theres nothing wrong with them… and you also get a label

the sex-repulsed aces would really like their label back pls

But isn’t it kind of unfair and the same thing that the rest of the LBGT community was doing to asexuality in the first place? Denying that those who don’t experience sexual attraction to another person as someone who doesn’t belong? The definition of sexuality is that it is fluid and doesn’t always conform to what people assume it used to be.

Remember when the term “transvestite” was used more commonly but is now a completely different term for a different time?

I’m asexual. I am sex repulsed. It’s not a black and white system anymore.

Asexuality isn’t for one person to decide, it is known as generally: a sexual orientation in where sexual attraction is not present. Sexual attraction does not equate to ones libido or desire for sex.