so do ppl really have a problem with labelling themselves as demi or gray ace because

those are sexualities you can be if you still desire sex like…… and theres nothing wrong with them… and you also get a label

the sex-repulsed aces would really like their label back pls

But isn’t it kind of unfair and the same thing that the rest of the LBGT community was doing to asexuality in the first place? Denying that those who don’t experience sexual attraction to another person as someone who doesn’t belong? The definition of sexuality is that it is fluid and doesn’t always conform to what people assume it used to be.

I’m asexual. I am sex repulsed. It’s not a black and white system anymore.

Asexuality isn’t for one person to decide, it is known as generally: a sexual orientation in where sexual attraction is not present. Sexual attraction does not equate to ones libido or desire for sex.

That’s… not it at all?

There are other words to describe the rest of the ace spectrum.

Gray-ace, Demisexual, Lithromantic, Autochrissexual, etc.

New words are showing up nearly daily.

All to define different aspects of asexuality.

We’re not saying you’re broken for liking sex? For having it?

Sexual “Asexuals” need to stop calling themselves ace.

Do you see those other words? Those other words are for them.

When someone says they’re ace, it needs to translate into “I won’t fuck you.” It is literally the only word we have. And you want to oust us out of this because it’s ‘unfair’?


There are words for them.

They should use them.

There are words for them – It’s called Asexual. It’s spectrum of different kinds of asexuality. You aren’t given a pass to define what that is because you feel the need to have an inclusive space.

You are more than welcome to that space. Does it bother you so much that someone else who is asexual may want to have sex once in a blue moon (which I found out last night is actually a thing! Go figure) that you want to dissuade an entire group of people from calling themselves something that you are because you feel they’re not entitled to it because they don’t meet the same qualifications?

Why not just use the asexual umbella term instead of being forced to put themselves into a niche and stay there?

I suppose I’m not understanding why you feel the need to tell people what is and what isn’t? We’re all part of the same community aren’t we? Aren’t we looking for people like us who don’t feel sexual attraction at all. .. but may have an libido or desire for sex without feeling a connection to another person for it? Aren’t they asexual too but just further down the same spectrum?

I’m honestly not trying to debate you or tell you that you’re wrong. It’s not my place to define what is and what isn’t, but this gatekeeper crap has to stop.

The grandparent literally just defeated their own point: Gray-ace, Demisexual, Lithromantic, Autochrissexual are literally all aspects of asexuality. The only requirement is that you’re not sexually attracted to other people.