The power went out, so we spent the time telling fun stories about things I’ve said while sedated/just getting awake from sedation.

After the surgery they ask you a ton of questions to see if you’re lucid. I don’t remember ANY of this, but apparently among the things I said were “Thank you for being real. You’re real, and you’re real, and you’re real.. I love that you’re real.”

When asked hwen Thanksgiving is, my response was “How the hell should I know, we don’t celebrate that shit.” When asked why, I said “I’m choctaw.” So hey I’m still a stubborn part indian girl when drugged? I guess?

When asked who the president is, I said “Barrack Obama. That poor, poor man.” And then babbled mindlessly about poor guy and stress and maybe we should send him a potato until they got me back on track.

Like what Zeus did here??