Bringing this back.

for all of u who dont understand or want to understand what an asexual person is

Raising asexual awareness every reblog

I’m so glad I found this, I’ve had many questions about asexuality and this answered them.
Time to inform some ignorant assholes.

sadademort, undercitytwerkteam  lol ‘have an active libido/enjoy sex and still be asexual’ how about the Tumblr asexuality community goes and fucking dies in a fire. I really need to blacklist that tag so I can stop watching my own identity being saturated by sex and twisted into something it was meant to be the exact opposite of.

What the fuck am I supposed to call myself or identify as when the one thing on the fringe I had has fucking normalised enjoyment of sex like every other fucking thing in order to be inclusive and spectrum.

While you might not be that kind of asexual, those that enjoy the act of sex or have an active libido have been known to the greater community since before the creator of tumblr was born.

I am having lots of trouble finding the documentary I saw in the early 90’s that went over the various type of asexuals, but there was a couple who enjoyed sex with one another and we’re romantically involved with one another, but when they had sex had more to do with their body’s natural responses than them.

The image is not saying all asexuals will have all those things, just that if you don’t experience sexual attractions (the thought of “I want to fuck that person because they are attractive”) then you probably are asexual.

– Purple

I’m sure they have. And I still maintain it’s an identity that therefore does not belong to them, since the identity originally denoted a lack of interest/enjoyment in having sex. It was not All About Sexual Attraction, as it has become.

I’d rather just go back to referring to myself as frigid and broken than identifying myself with people who insist on normalising desire for and enjoyment of sex in the one area I was supposed to be safe from it. 🙂

i know couple of asexuals who can agree with carrot

Well I wasn’t informed that carrot was made the Official Judge of What Is And Is Not Asexual!