i decided to enter my merman Antaeus for monster-roommates‘ make-a-monster competition. he’s been a character of mine for a long time but i figured it couldn’t hurt =3= also it was an excuse to sketch up a character sheet (ish) for him!!

Antaeus’ race is called Avisa and he is usually seen in his human form and looks like no one special except for his ridiculously long silver hair that he refuses to cut or dye. he can shift specific parts of his body at will, but it takes a fair bit of concentration to accomplish–his body prefers to be either all human or all Avisa. Antaeus is also capable of minor water manipulation, usually in the form of ice (ground slicks, shields, body armor, spears, little hailstorms).

there’s more ofc but i’d rather not include a full bio lol

> pls full view 2nd pic in new tab to see all the detail!! <