Ro’liath, too, enjoys breaking his shins in death defying feats such as jumping-off-of-things-you’re-not-supposed-to

If Sisina ever heard of this, there would be a reckoning

[7/29/15, 1:14:36 AM] Tevruden: So after Ro gets freed from the Scourge
[7/29/15, 1:15:19 AM] Tevruden: Tev takes him up to Ogrimm’s hammer
[7/29/15, 1:15:20 AM] Tevruden: and just sort of pushes him off over icecrown
[7/29/15, 1:15:20 AM] Tevruden: and then jumps after him
[7/29/15, 1:25:02 AM] ICY: Tev pls
[7/29/15, 1:25:11 AM] ICY: he’s going through a lot don’t push him out of blimps
[7/29/15, 1:25:23 AM] Tevruden: It’ll be fun
[7/29/15, 1:25:32 AM] Tevruden: they can crush a bunch of scourge minions
[7/29/15, 1:25:56 AM] ICY: imagine Ro just being terrified at while falling and Tev’s just 😐
[7/29/15, 1:25:59 AM] ICY: as he falls
[7/29/15, 1:26:23 AM] Tevruden: Like he’s waiting on an elevator
[7/29/15, 1:27:29 AM] ICY: LOL
[7/29/15, 1:28:04 AM] Tevruden: Ro is like upside-down and freaking out
[7/29/15, 1:28:35 AM] Tevruden: and Tev has to turn him around before they land
[7/29/15, 1:29:16 AM] ICY: “Feet first Ro’liath”
[7/29/15, 1:29:20 AM] ICY: Ro’s just screaming
[7/29/15, 1:30:46 AM] Tevruden: Ro lands, completely unscathed, on a swarm of ghouls.
[7/29/15, 1:32:43 AM] Tevruden: He’s just like “Oh.”