hello ;v;

Shit has been thrilling the last few months, folks, but I’ve come into a pretty good turn recently–new job!! New really really nice job! And lots of big things in the months to come and…aaa. Life is feeling like it has a direction today. And just now, after the first week in said awesome new job, I wound up feeling some ability to…art stuff. For fun.

So hehe, apologies for coming out of the lull with something personal–everybody loves fanart, but this was the thing I really needed to do first.

Anybody here play WoW? I do not. But my friend over at wrathofthebitchqueen is a HUGE fan (can you tell??) ((btw check out her amazing WoW-and-other costumes here at rosieposiecosplay)) and she got me started on a path that sang to me with sweetest siren song.

Death Knights.

I can’t remember the last time Calvin showed up on this blog, but here’s a bab of mine in armor that I already had designed for him, and then again as a death knight (specialized in Blood). Did the first sketch a couple weeks ago, but the whole second thing I just spent the last couple hours knocking the hell out. And I like it. I Like Death Knights.