For those who have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m just 5 mounts away from getting the Felfire Hawk. Fortunately for me, I’m missing 3 store mounts still: the Winged Guardian, the Swift Windsteed, and the Warforged Nightmare. I’m a desperate fool so I’m throwing out quick bust and waist commissions for $10 and $25 each, respectively. They will be fully colored and shaded, either transparent or with a simple gradient background. If you would like something other than bust or waist, offer me a price and I will consider, though they will be low on my work priority as they will take more time to complete and I will not guarantee that I will accept.

I am also willing to take WoW gold (20k bust 45k waist) either faction on WrA or Hyjal. If interested, let me know in your e-mail so we can work something out.

I do my best to draw anything, but please keep it sfw. I have the right to turn down anything I feel uncomfortable with as well. Another thing is that these may take a while to complete because of my mental health issues making me exhausted easily. Please be patient when commissioning me and feel free to e-mail me for updates.

Anyway, if you’re interested, send all commission inquiries to with your tumblr username, basic idea of what you want, and e-mail to send the paypal invoice to. Please do not link references until I request them.

Thanks again!