Because I’ve not had one of these in a while. And because people wanted this. And because why not.

Sir Meo’s art giveaway!
To participate, simply read the rules, follow the rules and have fun!

How to participate & rules
1) Follow either of my art blogs – either “MeoCraft (WoW/MMO art) or MeoProject (for original art… and everything else) – you can, of course, follow both, but that doesn’t give you any extra entries. Following any of my other blogs does not count, only these two.
2) Then, after you have followed me, like and/or reblog this post. You can reblog it as many times as you want, but please use common sense and don’t spam your followers. Each like/reblog is one entry.
3) No giveaway-reblog only blogs please! You can reblog to sideblogs, but please notify me in comments/tags what is your main blog to avoid misunderstandings.
4) Have fun and be a good sport. Not everyone wins, this is just for fun!

The giveaway will end on 31th of July 2015, midnight GTM+2 time. All entries after that will be disregarded. Winners will be drawn with or some other similar random number generator. Keep your ask boxes open!

And then… the prizes! As usually in my giveaways, prizes are tiered, and the total number of winners depends on how many notes this giveaway post receives. Also, somilarly, if I get less than 150 notes I will cancel the giveaway and no one gets anything 🙁

>149 notes: One grand prize – fully colored and shaded full body artwork of your character
>250 notes: Same as above AND two runner up prizes: colored headshot of your character
>400 notes: Same as above AND two more runner up prizes: (so 4 in total) colored headshot of your character
>650 notes: Same as above AND One special runner up

: Shaded headshot of your character

So the more notes, the more winners there are!

If you win, you can request me to draw any of your characters (original character, mmo character, player character, fan character…) but I will not draw real life people/animals or canon characters, so please keep this in mind when you reblog. For more info about my dos and donts please see my commission ToS, which also outlines them: HERE (scroll down)

If you want to see more of my art, check out my art blogs Meocraft and Meoproject
I also have DeviantArt, FurAffinity and Weasyl accounts.

ALSO: this post might get updated if problems arise or if I need to clarify something, so keep tabs on this original post.

only a few days to go!

reminder for your pleasure