lowkey terrified of ever visiting the usa because i have no idea how tipping works

If you are in a sit down restaurant with servers, it is polite to tip 15-20% of the bill at the end of the meal. Waitstaff are paid a pittance wage on the expectation it will be made up in tips. This is extremely fucked up but that’s how it is. Please do not withhold tips to American servers unless the service was truly horrible.

If you have food delivered to you at home or hotel or something, it’s polite to tip the delivery person a few dollars. They usually make minimum wage and don’t get much for gas/wear and tear on their vehicle.

Quick service fast food places like McDonald’s and Wendy’s are generally not tipped.

Some delis, coffee shops, and other small independent establishments may have a jar on the counter labelled TIPS. It is not required to tip but if you want to drop a dollar or your change in because you like the place they appreciate it. The tip jar is typically split up by the workers at the end of the day.

I don’t know how many followers I have outside the US, but I’m a server and I appreciate someone putting this into simple words without bias. Just for information’s sake.