If you’ve ever looked up blood elf warrior lore you probably didn’t find much. 

In-game, they should’ve launched with The Burning Crusade but warriors were removed at the last moment.  Blood elves eventually got warriors in Cataclysm but there was no explanation for their sudden appearance nor any details on their class culture.

Some people think elves have always had a vague warrior class, they just weren’t playable until Cata.  They usually allude to spellbreakers and rangers. Others think the blood elves only developed true warriors after being part of the Horde and the Cataclysm was simply their opportunity to organize (like tauren paladins, troll druids, etc.).

Personally I think both versions make sense, but they make more sense together.  I lean more towards the former however. 

Under the cut is a simplified headcanon (+SO MUCH ART) of elven warriors, otherwise known as breakers.


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