Um, no it’s not overpriced.
Because all our years of teaching ourselves how to draw isn’t worth being compensated for? If you can’t afford it, don’t commission someone.

Actually, don’t commission anyone ever, unless you change your attitude about how much an artist decides their art is worth. You’re part of the problem why people don’t respect our time. It takes hours of work to create a piece and work with a client. Art is our job, and we have every right to ask a fair wage. We are worth what we charge and often more. You would never tell a restaurant to lower their prices. You’d never tell an athlete they shouldn’t be paid. Or a programer. An artist shouldn’t be any different.

You guys realize illustration is a skilled labor right?? Imma call up my plumber next time “yeah I cant fix my own sink , and you’re the only one with that skill set to do it. So here’s the deal how about you do it for $20 bucks, and if you don’t like it get a real job.”

This^^ is how dumb you sound when you say an artist charges too much

My commissions range from $150 up to $2,000. I just sold a painting for $2,100. I sold a painting three days ago for $900.

$30 will pay for just over an hour of my time. I can do a sketch in that amount of time. I work full time as a professional artist and have for about 20 years. I support three children on my income as an artist.

If you can only afford $30, then an original is not something you should be looking into buying. However like most artists, I have some prints that are more in your price range.

If you want one of my originals, especially a custom made original, I have a 4 month out waiting list, you have to have a concept that *interests* me because I won’t waste either of our times on something that I’ll do a piss poor job on from lack of inspiration, and you have to be able to pay my prices.