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I’m just straight up not gonna get to my rogue and paladin’s. I did my two warlocks, my priest, my shaman, my druid, and my dk. Rogue and pally /deserve/ the attention but I just don’t have it in me at this point. :C

i’ve  been trying to do it on dinna but groups have been atrocious?? 

I was healing on Eth–my hpriest–earlier with the-unholy-knight and we got a dk tank with heirlooms, 600ish ilvl stuff, and rune of razorice on her heirloom axe [correct rune for dk tanking is fallen crusader I think? chance for 3% heal and 15sec 20% str proc] and like, I can get heirlooms and subpar gear but like

you can make another axe outta the heirloom tab for free, and runeforge it for free

there’s literally no reason not to try to be the best little weenie tank you can be

also our boomchicken’s starfall pulled some extra shit and I was literally sitting here in my chair with my butt and legs clenched up because dear god I’m not even a decent healer anymore, I’m so out of practice, I’m so terrible and nervous and then there’s this fuck making it even harder for me

I used to love healing
I don’t know what happened

i’m sure you saw but i’ve just had groups not communicate, or make enormous pulls, just generally not pay attention. I either wonder if a) they’re bad players, or b) the game doesn’t hold you to those standards anymore, or c) both.

You basically can’t go wrong with Rune of the Fallen Crusader. It’s basically the go-to enchant for all three specs.