“Big gay” 

who is the big gay

boss battle

i am big gay

I live in Indiana and Big Gay is a huge problem, because…reasons?

crimsonkappa, any status updates on this threat to your home state?

*holding reporter mic* Alex, I’m standing here in Indiana where- *dodges rainbows shooting like lightening from the sky* WHERE WHAT RESIDENTS ARE REFERRING TO only as ‘Big Gay’  is holding the state in terror. With the acceptance of gay marriage, many heterosexuals are feeling pressured or threatened to prove something heterosexually that nobody is asking them for. It- *looks to the sky in horror and puts up umbrella just in time to protect self from rainbow sprinkles raining down* As you can see the the pressure system caused by the gay marriage front colliding with the stationed homophobia is causing quite the storm, Alex, but our sources say that many residents are happy to see this Big Gay Storm. *tv smile* Back to you, Alex.