Today’s warm-up!

Aaaa…. yeaaah werewolves. 

We think that in the Warcraft AU, they’d obviously be Gilneans, and her brother would be the first to get bitten, she’d probably try to kill him but whoops, it’s hard to force yourself to kill your own family, y’know? So she didn’t and ended up turning into a worgen too thanks to him haha. Good job, both of you.

After that tho, they’d probably go travelling because HEY, being a werewolf turned out to be a pretty handy thing. I guess they were hunters-something before the whole worgen issue, but after that they decided to start the whole demon and undead-hunting thing (joining the Crusade later on). So they don’t actually fit in any WoW class, we tried. It’s a mix and I don’t give a shit lol, since we don’t RP.