considering poverty exists AND kleptomania exists yeah get the fuck outta here

I’m anti-shoplifting because I’m not a pretentious brat who think they’re above it all

Kleptomaniacs are most of the time ashamed of their shoplifting and don’t plan their shit out. Try again.

Alright so now it’s classist AND ableist to be against shitty teenagers stealing $2000 worth of makeup. They’re just doing whatever they can to support their family, whom I presume eat foundation and drink liquid eyeliner.

If you’re stealing for necessity, that’s one thing. But otherwise (and even so), you’re doing harm to employees who are probably living paycheck to paycheck themselves. Stealing just for thrills is abhorrent. Stealing because you have kleptomania is still illegal and harmful. Neurodivergent people can break the law and deserve reprimand. Holy shit.