Oh hey peeps!

Now that ive graduated Ive got some time freed up
(really, been feeling like a zombie for the past two months) and that
means- commisions!

While the most important stuff is covered by
the infographic above, dont be afraid to shoot me a message if youve got
any questions. I infinitely prefer email (Hawlooh@gmail.com) over
tumblr messaging system as the latter tends to get the asks lost in the
nether. Payment will be taken up front, through paypal, Ill provide the
address once I accept your commision.

During the process youll
be sent progress drawings, which might include a couple pose sketches,
refined sketch of the pose of your choosing and lineart; allowing you to
request tweaks. Beyond that point im still willing to make minor
changes, like color adjustments or  drawing in missing details, but I
wont do any major changes once your drawing’s been colored.

Currently planning on opening 3 slots, first come first served. Depending on the demand this amount may increase in the future.

Slots available:

1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

signal boosting appreciated! <3