No. He’s lived so long that really, he doesn’t have a great grasp on the idea of death. He understands that all things must end. He understands that mortal lives, like Jeyse and Kirian, will eventually end. He finds it to be unfair, but it’s something he just can’t feasibly grasp.


If there is one thing in this world that he fears more than anything, it’s death. He’s come close to it before and the only thing that saved him was Kirian being at the right place at the right time. For a while after, he didn’t care about his life until he met the Captain and learned to live again.


For the whole of his life, death has been a welcome friend in his tribe. In the reaches of the Sagolii, it’s possible for kits to be born but be unhealthy and as per their traditions, die in the desert sun. He’s been so ill that death had been with him even then, never knowing if he would survive each heart attack or seizure.Even now, he doesn’t have a fear of it, though there is always a worry in his mind that someday he’ll have that one attack that he doesn’t recover from.