Do you want to make your parents or friends mad? Do you want that person you like to finally notice you? Is there a party that you need to ruin? Hire me to be your fake bad boyfriend and all of your mean dreams will come true.

What is bad about me?
I am a worgen and a death knight. I am from Westfall. I am a farmer and I didn’t go to much school and I can’t spell well. Someone wrote this ad for me. I also smoke a lot of weed and other things, and would be happy to show up to your event smoking or already stoned.

What is good about me? Why am I Fake Bad Boyfriend material?
I am really very nice. I would never touch you without your permission. I do not want payment unless there is food. If there is food I will eat as much food as I want and that is my payment. That is also part of my act and is a good way to ruin a dinner. I do have manners but I can pretend not to. I can start fights with people but I will not hurt them too bad, and I will not kill anyone. I can come as a human and worg out. I can destroy things but only if you will pay for them.

What will I not do?
I will not come to ruin a party someone else is hosting. You have to host this party or meeting. I will not fall in love with you and I will not become your real boyfriend. I will not be your boyfriend if you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend or are married. I will not go into Horde lands. We will work out all the other details.

(( OOC Details – You can message me at my tumblr, westfallcorndog, or send an in-game mail to Harrowheart-WyrmrestAccord. I would be fine with trading battle tags if you’re not from Wyrmrest Accord. I am on Eastern time, usually free around or after 9pm. We can hash out the details together! Something like this takes good OOC and IC communication, so be prepared to chat a little! Reblog this ad if you’d like! ))