Oh god. 


1. His eye – Kinda obvious there. Loss of depth perception is kind of a shitty thing when your favorite pastime is flying a bird that moves at high speeds…

2. For a child – As much as he loves Kirian, they couldn’t conceive a child that would be a part of them both… so there’s that. 

3. For Kirian and Vaelios to have the same kind of pseudo-immortality he does. He had to suffer once through the loss of a loved one, he’d rather not see it happen again.

— For Vaelios:

1. To meet the mother that gave him away – Mostly so he can ask why or find out what happened. He doesn’t know she’s dead. 

2. For the happiness of Antaeus– Though he did love Anty once and will forever have a place in his heart, he would wish nothing more than for his hero and friend to see the happiness he deserves without it being interrupted somehow. 

3. For he and Kirian to be married. Duty aside, he would give anything to be married to the one he loves for the rest of their lives. 

— For Arae’sae:

1. Wish his tribe bountiful harvest and happiness – They trudge through the sands of the Sagolii each year and for as long as he has known, they have had good and bad years, but may there be many good years to come.

2. For his loved ones to find happiness – He would love nothing more than to see each of his friends smile and have someone who cherishes them as much as he does. 

3. A new heart – Kinda obvious in that one, but mostly so he can live to see this world for all it is.

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