A bunch of lgbta people I know where throwing a pride party today, and I was literally not invited even though I’m close with a ton of them, and they know how active I am in the community.

When I asked if I could go with a few of them last week, they told me “It’s not really for people like you, it’s more, like us. If that makes sense.” And I flat out asked if it was because I was with a man.

And they all got really shifty eyed and said if I pretended I wasn’t with someone of the opposite sex, it would probably be okay. But that my partner definitely could not come.

It’s great because homophobes hate me.

Straight guys like the idea because it means that I totally consent to a threesome.

And lesbians just think I’m going to make out with them, because I’m “experimenting” (Like I totally haven’t been bisexual for over a decade).

Apparently bisexuals just tarnish the LGBTA’s reputation. Why not just make it the LGTA then?????

Like JFC. We’re queer, we’re here, and everyone wishes we weren’t.


I did not go to the party, and one of them appearantly read my post to everyone, and they spent a whole 45 minutes shitting on bi/pan/aromantic/asexual/demisexual/etc about how we make the community look bad, and how we’re all inconsiderate and shitty. And if you’re a woman with a woman, you’re a lesbian, and if you’re a woman with a man, you’re straight. And we shouldn’t pretend to be otherwise. Four bisexuals, two pansexuals, and a panromantic asexual tried to stand up for me, themselves, and our people, and got so uncomfortable and verbally attacked they had to leave.

I am no longer friends with those people.

Discrimination and hatred inside the community is sickening.