The “sex and gender are different” theory that cisgender people invented so they can grasp trans identity while still erasing it is toxic. It translates into “your gender may be ____ but biologically you are _____” which normalizes the concept that genitalia validates your gender. Its nothing less than bullshit.

fucking thank you

Actually I think it’s because of health reasons

E.G: If you’re male but have a vagina and you get a letter – from your doctor – asking for your BIOLOGICAL SEX in regards to something like having a smear test – WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE A VAGINA – but you put male because you have this dangerous mindset that OP is throwing about then you could get CERVICAL CANCER and DIE.

It’s nothing to do with trans erasure and spreading stuff like this WILL get people hurt.


It goes a lot deeper than that: “The experiments described here provide evidence that the testis-determining gene SRY is expressed and translated in specific regions of the male mammalian adult brain and that its role in the SN is to maintain biochemical and motor functions of dopaminergic neurons.”

That sort of thing might be a partial explanation on why men are more likely to develop dopamine-related illnesses such as schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease than women.

Doesn’t matter outside that sort of stuff, tho.