i see all these posts around here that are like “date someone who…” and all that’s fine and good but like i feel like they focus on cutesy stuff and leave some really important stuff out. so like yes, date someone who you can watch netflix with and pet dogs with and make waffles with but also 

  • date someone who will call you out on your shit
  • date someone who thinks the sun shines out of your ass, but also knows you’re not perfect and will offer the support you need to change and grow
  • date someone who doesn’t passively accept your flaws, but recognizes them and helps you deal with them
  • date someone who you can disagree with but still love and care for all the same
  • date someone who can understand where you’re coming from and help you through your rough times
  • date someone who won’t enable your negative, self-destructive habits and tendencies
  • date someone who doesn’t think “you’re perfect don’t ever change” but rather “i love you and will help and support you in whatever changes you need to make”
  • date someone who sees you not as a perfect lover but as a human being and who wants to be with you even though they can see all your faults

basically date someone who’s going to be with you, not just worship you. and more importantly, be this person for your SO. do not put them on a pedestal and call it love.