are you really for gay marriage? used to respect you!


Well I forgot that I’ve gotten something like 1200 new followers in the past week and a half. So let me clear the air, because I dislike it when people put me on a pedestal without knowing much about me.

I am pro gay rights. I am a bisexual woman. My sister is gay. My daughter is queer (she is young and hasn’t fully explored her sexuality yet, so I don’t expect her to say much more than to follow her heart wherever it leads). My ex girlfriend is a lesbian, the majority of my friends and colleagues range along the spectrum of sexualities, and I respect and love each and every one of them for who they are.

If you weren’t aware of that before and that’s a deal breaker for respecting me as an artist, that’s okay. I will not agree with you on the subject of gay rights (and probably a lot of political things), but I respect your right to walk from my artwork because of my opinions and beliefs. My art is a huge, incredible part of who I am, and what makes me up as a person. There’s a very good chance that my paintings will cause offense at some point in time (and have, repeatedly).

But know that I will not hide who and what I am for the hope of a sale, and I will not begrudge you the right to take your money and respect elsewhere. It doesn’t change the quality of my work, I earned that on my own, with my own hands and dedication to the craft, not through the opinions of others.

To anon: Nah, you didn’t respect her.

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