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What do blood elf apartments look like in Silvermoon? Like, the elves that live in the city are almost definitely in apartments, all the ground-level stuff is shops and training places and the like.

Do they have their own kitchens IN the apartments or do they have to leave to get cooked food? What do belf bathrooms look like?? They must have plumbing, they’re magical and too fancy to use outhouses. Oh man I bet they have the prettiest bathrooms.

What differences would there be between rich and poor blood elf living quarters? Well, rich is easy to figure out, it’d match the aesthetics of the City pretty well. So then how would poor apartments look?

What are freestanding blood elf houses like, outside of the City? The buildings they have in-game are by no means real living quarters. Would it be common for blood elves to leave home when they are of age? If there’s a house of some sort under the family name, would they (traditionally) all stay there, through generations? Obviously depends from elf to elf I’m toying with “general populace” here.

Feel free to ramble at me with your thoughts, anyone. That’s why I’m asking :>

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