I’m going to say some of my opinions which people might not like so I’m just going to tuck it under a read more for their convenience.

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No, MoP wasn’t sitting in a garrison, instead we sat in a farm getting free resources all day, most of which could only be used for cooking. Where we were treated as an extra farmhand rather than heroes, and had to do dailies to try and get the villagers there to like us like we were playing Animal Crossing. At least the garrison feels more military related and not like we’re growing fucking veggies in a crisis situation (”what’s that? Garrosh blew up the Vale? Better tend to my cucumbers! Or this plant that gives me free ore for some reason!”)

Who sat in the farm all day? You could only harvest/plant once a day. There was one, maybe two NPCs, and the nearest mailbox was in halfhill. Plus you know there was the whole matter of never having to touch the farm at all at 90.


“maybe two NPCs” 

Literally in the farm there’s two NPCs.  It was obvious what I was talking about when I mentioned that the position of the mailbox was in halfhill. (You know where all of those NPCs you just listed are too)

And considering how long it took to do all the dailies, as well as the daily maitenance required for the veggies, it could easily take a while to do your halfhill maintenance just as much as it is to organize your garrison.

Yeah, you didn’t have to touch the farm at all at 90, but you don’t have to touch your garrison at all at 100 either. The only thing that really demands your attention is the very start of the Legenary ring questline, which appears in your garrison at level 98 regardless of what level your garrison is. Nothing actually forces you to do the things related to your garrison unless you want to, with the exception of the installation of your shipyard to head to Tanaan in 6.2, which usually takes about an hour at most. Your garrison basically just serves the role of the farm combined with the tasks you could do at the MoP faction cities, but you’re not forced to really do anything any more than you had to with the farm.

So wait, your’re saying that the Garrison isn’t mandatory, except for the stuff that it’s mandatory for?

The farm made profession levelling, crafting, etc, a lot easier. Same with the garrison. The garrison can also help you gear up a bit faster, help you make profession mats for crafting, give you a convenient place to grab ore and archaeology frags along with herbs if you don’t want to go out and farm for hours, give bonus quests to do in dungeons, give interesting dailies that reward mounts, give a building that helps farm mats for awesome transmog gear, act as a bank/guild bank/transmog station/void storage, and with some work you can even make an auction house, along with letting you craft very basic items/enchants/glyphs/etc regardless of what professions you have.



It didn’t


But none of that is forced. You don’t -have- to use your garrison except a few times while levelling up to 100, and the Tanaan crossing. Other than that you can completely abandon it. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend abandoning your garrison considering I love it, but you could set your hearthstone to warspear/stormshield and basically accomplish all the same stuff there if you really, really hated it.

So I’m not forced to use the garrison except for the times where I’m forced to use the garrison. 

You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.