Ok just to be clear
if you are bi and are in a het relationship, you are going to benefit fro straight privilege. Your identity still exists but identity alone does not trump the experiences of gay ppl or bi ppl in homosexual relationships who want and need more support from the queer community. Also please dont appropriate words like “faggot” or “dyke” if you have only ever been in a het relationship. Its just not socially sensitive and really there is no reason to reclaim gay slurs unless they have been used against you in the past

Do you know who else has “Straight passing privilege”? 

Single gay people. Gay people who are walking down the street not actively engaging in PDA with their partner. Closeted gay people. Ace people. Trans people.  Intersex people. Non-binary people. 

Lots of people, actually. Except, when it happens to anyone else, we call it “erasure.” Or “compulsory heterosexuality” or “heteronorativity.” 

For some reason, having your identity ignored and all the other facets of your experience brushed aside are only a PRIVILEGE if you are bi. 

Being Bi in a woman/man relationship doesn’t negate the fact that approximately 25% of bisexual men and 30% of
bisexual women live in poverty, compared to 15% and
21% of heterosexual men and women respectively and
20% and 23% of gay man and lesbians. 

Or While 20% of bisexuals report experiencing a negative
employment decision based on their sexuality, almost
60% of bisexual people report hearing anti-bisexual jokes
and comments on the job.8
Nearly half of bisexual people
report that they are not out to any of their coworkers
(49%), compared to just 24% of lesbian and gay people.

Or Bisexual people experience higher rates of sexual and
intimate partner violence than gay, lesbian, and straight
people. Bisexual women experience significantly higher
rates of violence both overall and by significant others,
compared to lesbian and straight women: 46% of bisexual
women have experienced rape, compared to 13% and
17% of lesbian and straight women, respectively. Sixtyone
percent of bisexual women have experienced rape,
physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner,
compared to 43% and 35% of lesbian and straight women

Or that bisexuals have higher rates of both physical and mental health issues than straight people, gays, and lesbians. 


So whether or not you think we’re queer enough for you doesn’t change the fact that ALL BISEXUAL PEOPLE deserve support within our community.