It is a nice day, though by Ramavatarama

“Alright Aelos, it’s not a big deal”

“It is a big deal to me!”

“So you got feared by a voodoo priest and run a mile before you could snap out of it. It happens”

“I shouldn’t have left you by yourself against them…”

“And I held my own, I’m resourceful”

“I know…. It was kinda cool when you smashed that chair over the Warlord”

“It was mahogany; it was just as painful to me”

“Sometimes I forget how fancy you are, Lord Thero’belore

“It’s called refinement; it’s an ailment of my people; environmental I’d wager”

“Now you gonna tell me you don’t like getting all prince-y in the balls at court?”

“I won’t deny I like the luxury once in a while. Besides, I do look -how did you put it- rather delectable

“It’s hard for you not too… – you got hurt, that’s your blood there”

“I healed. I AM a paladin, you know”

“You shouldn’t had to get hurt, it’s my fault”

“I can take care of myself, Aelos. I have been doing it for a while”

“I don’t mean like you can’t take care of yourself! I know you are strong and fast, and smart; but, but I should have been there”

“And I appreciate that. It has been a while since I have someone watching my back, fighting by my side.”

“That would be fine and sweet if you hadn’t yanked most of them, even the voodoo priest, by yourself”

“But your cursing and yelling and head-butting when you thought they got me was really sweet, it was very encouraging”

“You are more vicious than me in bear form! You killed one with a punch! Look at yourself, you are covered in their blood, Kel!”

“I’ve been thinking for the last hour how I’m gonna take the blood out of my cape. It’s maddening

Why I am even reuploading this? does it mean I am going to do a new drawing of them? whaT?? I haven’t said a thing!

So hot, hot everywhere