guess who’s back. back again.
ok, no but for srs this time guys.

You might notice that my blog is empty and that is because, unfortunately, my art became the casualty of an abusive situation. I’ll be reuploading most of it, and I’m so glad you all stuck around.

I’m not going to withhold any information about this, because I want people to know. This person essentially chased me off the internet, cut me off from doing or finishing any art work that didn’t pertain to her interests, and kept my monitor’s screen streamed at all times.

So feel free to ask me questions, I’ll do my best to answer them all. And they’ll always be under a cut and tagged for abuse. Especially those of you who used to talk to me a lot, I want you to know that I am here. (I don’t use Skype anymore, I’ve switched completely to AIM and Google Hangouts.)

I’m doing my best to learn not to blame myself, but I still feel responsible because I ended up stuck in an art block that not only kept me from working on pieces I’d been paid for, but recreational doodles and paintings that I did for fun.

Nothing I did felt good enough anymore and I felt trapped; backed into a corner. Even today, just shy of 3 months after cutting her out of my life, I still feel like my head is in a box. I feel like something in me is broken and I don’t know how to fix it.

tl;dr :: I finally left my abuser and I’m making a comeback on the internet. Beware of art spam.

Yeah I got a few questions,What about all the hundreds of dollars you owe to that person and her family for wrecking her car and leeching off them for a year?

Also another one. What about all the hundreds of dollars in commission money you nabbed from people with no intention of ever finishing, even after breaking off with that person? 

Why did you actively ignore every. single. person who came to you asking for an update on those commissions or a refund?

Why are you still trying to make a smear campaign towards that person as an excuse for being so foolish as to accept commission payments when you were apparently too busy being abused and forced not to do anything, but still had the idea to accept those payments? When you’re insisting you couldn’t do them?

Why are you saying this is an abuse issue that drove you from the internet when this is entirely a monetary one and dozens of people have come forward stating you owe them art, or refunds?

Also finally, why are you posting the very art you did for your ex? In most situations, you’d want to not remind yourself of the abuse you went through and not post stuff relating to them. You’re not doing a very good job moving on when they themselves were actively forced to remove everything to do with you from their life to avoid emotional breakdowns. And yet you’re posting the art in personal tags they use and follow like you’re outright trying to start shit with them?

You were chased off because you owe a shed-load of money to various people and seemingly have no intention of ever finishing or refunding. It’s been three months. You’ve had three months to get in contact with your clients, three months to explain the situation to them, three months to -do- the art in the first place or three months to refund everyone.
Three months since you broke off with that person. Three months and you come back with no progress on making things right and only seem to want to blame that person for the reason you were called out in the first fucking place.