Do you have opinions about the Archimonde defeat cinematic at all?


A loud and resounding “… meh?” tbh.

As much as we all want this expansion to be over I do kind of hope this isn’t the last patch because that was dreadfully anti-climactic and opens more questions than it answers. Khadgar’s demeanor seemed kind of fishy to me and I feel like a lot of this could be saved if that “Khadgar is actually Medivh” conspiracy turns out to be true.

At least Yrel got a lot of screen real estate?

#6.2 spoilers 

(since for some reason ask tagging isn’t working for me)

I feel it says something when I can’t spoil the cinematic, because there’s nothing to spoil.

Like not even a “Thrall steals our Archimonde kill” thing.

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