Can we just talk about how taylor swift takes her own fans to court for making merchandise on ETSY, sued her old guitar teacher for using her name on his website as if he didn’t give her everything she has, finds a problem in every single streaming site because she wants her fans to only be able to purchase her album – even when Apple agreed to fix the issue she had she STILL hasn’t agreed to be apart of Apple Music, and talks passionately about issues pertaining to her but never about actual social justice issues. Yet the media and promotional team doll her up as some american sweetheart who loves her fans and is super sweet and generous. I don’t know about you but I am not here for that or for her AT ALL

1) her brand management team, TAS Rights Management, owns trademarks of lots of her lyrics and even her actual brand, Taylor Swift, so it’s not like she was maliciously surfing Etsy and sending messages to shop owners like a petulant child; the lawyers at TAS issued notices about trademarked lyrics.
2) her “guitar teacher” didn’t just use her name on his website, he bought a fucking domain name called “,” which is not only weird and creepy but also leechy, especially considering that all we know about this guy is that he “claims to have helped her learn guitar,” which could mean that he showed her like 2 chords.
3) she finds problems with streaming websites because they don’t compensate artists as much as artists deserve, and several writers, producers, and singers showed support for her letter to Apple, as she spoke for people who don’t have as much of an influence in the music industry

4) why do you hate powerful women?

Person: *does something praise-worthy*

Tumblr: Excuse, but we really shouldn’t be praising them for that when they stepped on an ant when they were nine. I don’t know about you but I am not here for that or for them AT ALL.

How the everliving fuck is teaching someone guitar “give her everything she has.” That’s the silliest fucking shit I have heard today.