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I really don’t see how you could take it any other way though.

Pearl’s fixiation with Rose goes beyond love almost to the point of obsession.  It’s one thing to play the Knight which can exhibit similar levels of protectiveness

image of one’s ward, but we see more than just protectiveness, we also see jealousy and envy.

I’m not down with people attacking others over it but to say it’s not canon when it’s all but highlighted in a neon sign is pretty silly.

I completely see your point, and honestly I do think there’s a possibility that Pearl very well may be in love with Rose. But there are a lot of red flags too. Honestly I only mad that initial post cause the fandom has been getting crazier and crazier and I’ve seen several attacking posts this week where anyone with a differing opinion is literally threatened. And for a show that boasts love and acceptance, the fandom has been a bit shitty in those categories but here we go-

You’re right, Pearl does go above and beyond when it comes to Rose, but there are a few things that I think are often overlooked. Pearl is quite obsessed, it’s really obvious. But jealousy and envy and protectiveness can be felt with anyone regardless of what they feel. Pearl valued herself as the person Rose (whom she admired, and as previously stated, gave her purpose) was closest to.

Rose told her everything as far as she knew, until Steven presented her with evidence that Rose did not. She was jealous because she possibly felt as if she was being replaced, and if she didn’t have any importance to Rose, what would her important overall be?

I think everything to do with Rose was less about love, and more about Pearl feeling like her existence was validated. Without Rose, maybe she was nothing but like the many other low-scale gems on Homeworld.

Even when Rose died, was Pearl sad? Of course, but she devoted herself to Steven instead – her protectiveness over him is because he is Rose’s legacy. Of course Pearl loves Steven and she loves(d) Rose, but people (especially western cultured people) have a tendency to turn love=in love.

That is why I think it’s really important for show creators to come out with canon (such as Ruby and Sapphire) because honestly this show is really good about displaying queer relationships but me personally – I like the dynamic of Pearl feeling protectiveness and cherishing Rose rather than being in love.

Being in love and romantic love is a very tiring trope, even in queer stories. I mean, would  be down with it being canon? Hell yeah, but I think this presents the possibility of exploring different relationship archtypes that don’t just revolve around romantic love.

tl;dr Doesn’t have to do anything with straight or gay, just really getting tired of everything having to be about romantic love tbh