so @thegallowscallweallwillfall, aka the guy who wrote this post about “

spergy tumblrsaken that have to be all sparkly and mary suey and do retarded shit like have a gay wedding in skyreach between a Forsaken human priest and a night elf DK

, is a bit of a hypocrite

mostly because he calls ERPers degenerates while having an f-list account and furaffinity personal porn stash, including a bunch of pictures faved of my very own sparkly tumblrsaken OC <3

the first link is his lovely orc character burz’grim, who he posted about here. but oh look, this person on FA has the same art, the same character, and the same everything! not just one of his characters either, the two also share another orc character.

i’d also love to point out how fucking hilariously pathetic his personal quote is


..and this


but let’s see, there’s a character on his furaffinity page that isn’t mentioned on his tumblr.. maybe because a worgen forsaken deathguard doesn’t fit his “super serious lore-adhering RPer” profile?


now, i recognise that character name! …because he’s pestered me for ERP on f-list before. so let’s plug his name in, aaaand..


there we go! along with his other orc characters. funny how he calls ERPers degenerates when he has shit like this on there


oh and hey, he seems to be a fan of miama, arguably the sparkliest tumblrsaken there is. yay! love my fans <3


i wouldnt normally make a post like this but the hypocrisy is just SO RICH.

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