Please don’t spread the name and face of the Charleston shooter, call him a white terrorist because that’s all he is, don’t give him the respect of learning his name or recognizing his face. All he wants is to be famous, now he will be infamous. He only deserves to be known as a white homegrown terrorist and imagined as a monster because that’s what he is. Instead learn the names and faces of the victims, they deserve to be remembered not the monster.


Clementa Pinckney


A Democrat state senator who was also the pastor at the Emanuel African Methodist Church.

Cynthia Hurd


A librarian at the Charleston County Public Library. She’d been working there for 31 years and was a manager as St. Andrews Regional Library.

Sharonda Coleman-Singleton


She was a revered and a mother of three, she was also the coach of the track team.

Tywanza Sanders


A recent graduate from Allen University in Columbia. He was recently working as a barber. It is said that he died trying to save one of his family members.

Please, if you hear about more of the victims, add their names and a little about their life. 

Go to this link to learn more about these victims. What I posted is only a short summary.

Also if anything like this happens again, do this instead of showing the shooter/terrorist. This is a tragedy and I will do my best to raise awareness, I hope you will too. Thank you.