o dang its that time again. I reached some random 666+ follower count so obviously satan compels me to giveaway SOME ART FOR YOU GUYS.


So the first person drawn gets a full body, the second gets a bust, and the 3rd gets a headshot. Cool? COOL. More of my art here if you’re interested. It can be some human OC, WoW, Wildstar, Guild Wars, a furry? I don’t know. I’ll give whatever a shot.


1. Must be following to win. (New followers are welcome!)

2. A like and reblog are separate entries.

3. No giveaway blogs.

4. Keep your ask box open, as it’s how I’ll be contacting you! If you don’t respond within a few days, I’ll pick someone else.

I’ll be ending this July 1st. Winner will be picked via random number generator, and then I’ll be contacting you guys. GOOD LUCK NERDS. (Also background glitter tutorial from here.)