i know we have a growing community of roleplayers within this fandom (both affiliated and independent ones) so i wanted to make a post highlighting something i’ve been seeing a lot of

do not use artist’s work on your blog without their permission

even if you post a disclaimer saying that the art used on your blog isn’t yours, even if you include credit in your post… neither of those things give you a free pass to repost people’s art. artists put a lot of time and effort into their work, so don’t use it on your blog without their express permission!

that includes: using their art on your mobile theme, using it in your sidebar, making edits of their art, reblogging reposts of their art, and cropping their art to make icons. 

i have a lot of artist friends in this fandom and it makes a lot of them uncomfortable to find out people have been using their art without their knowledge or permission! if you don’t have permission to use someone’s art on your blog, then message them to check if they’re okay with it – and if they’re not okay with it, then don’t.