They tried hard 

lmao, is this for real?

Yes. This really is TBC 2.0.

Only without anything that anyone enjoyed about TBC and twice the recolored gear and a quarter of the enjoyment.


It’s like Amber-Shaper came back and threw up on us, shoved some bug pieces in our soft fleshy bits, then promptly died again.


oh my god yep there it is

Since S5 in WotLK, PVP sets and raid sets have always had entirely different models.  TBC was the last time recolors were the only visual separation between PVP and PVE.

Unfortunately WoD has been a desperate bid to relive the “glory days” of TBC  (minus the fun), so that means PVPers and raiders must share the same armor sets once again.  10 seasons of unique models (S15 doesn’t count, S16 barely counts tbh) and they decide to do this for S17. 

I’m pissed because it only adds to the feeling of “no content” when they can’t be bothered to add ANYTHING for PVP except remodels of Merciless weapons.  Cool weapons, still remodels.

It also goes completely against the standard they set with the tier 17 set, where the Mythic and Elite armors would be massive upgrades compared to their normal and heroic counterparts. It hardly looks any different, besides the back piece of the helm being filled in instead of open and the shoulders being slightly spikey. Like… maybe the shoulders will have a flashier effect, but it’s just like previous expansions where it just doesn’t feel all that different. I thought the whole goal was to make it feel like a mythic player is doing higher lvl content and for everyone to be able to tell the difference? 

Guess they abandoned that idea.

Very true!  But there’s more precedence for that in PVE so I’m not surprised, just a little disappointed after what we got in T17.

Funnily enough the basic LFR sets next patch look A LOT nicer than some of the raid/pvp gear this expansion lol.  Maybe that’s where their design focus will be from now on… 

In the meantime I’m WAY more disappointed that the mythic paladin recolor is some kinda lemon-lime SHIT.  Paladins are gonna be Sprite cans.


The LFR plate gear looks really great tho, better than the tier gear:


Tev is judging that tier set so hard right now