Hey folks!  Iiiiiit’s that time again!  Tragedy has struck!  This time, in the form of electronics no longer working properly.

Many of you who follow me know my wonderful guy, Doc.  His laptop has decided it doesn’t want to charge and today was making very scary sounds from around the charge cord area and so we put it aside for fear of electrocution.  We honestly have no idea what the source of it is, it could be something as simple as the charge cord needing replaced, or the charging port.

Regardless, I’m selling a bunch of shit in preparation for having to replace the entire laptop in case things wind up too pricy.  But none of that is a guarantee, so I’m putting this here too.

TL;DR – Commission Sale.

Colored, Shaded Headshots – $10.00 


Colored, Shaded, Fullbody – $20.00!


And New – Pin-up/NSFW Colored, Shaded, Fullbody – $30.00!


Other commission ideas are negotiable.

Even if you can’t purchase anything, reblogs and sharing mean the world to me.  Thank you for taking the time to glance at this, regardless.